First African Baptist Church

It would be hard to talk about Savannah history without mentioning the First African Baptist Church. It started before America was a nation, and the people who formed it fought for the freedom of religious expression under great duress and possible punishment/death. The First African Baptist Church website details the church’s long history: First AfricanContinue reading “First African Baptist Church”

John H.H. Sengstacke

The Sengstacke/Abbot legacy is about family, resiliency, using your power for good. John H.H. Sengstacke’s (1848-1904) story is really a collective one because his life centered around his family and community. His parents were a married interracial couple during the era of slavery, something extremely uncommon in the deep South. And his wife, Flora AbbottContinue reading “John H.H. Sengstacke”