Juneteen: Past Meets Present

Instead of talking about a person buried at LGS, I want to to showcase two Black creatives who are bringing the past into the present. When someone recently made me aware of Megan Mariah of Everthine Antiques & Stationery (who resides in Wisconsin) I was enthralled by her esthetic, but her shop is so muchContinue reading “Juneteen: Past Meets Present”

The Verdier Family

Sometimes even after weeks of research there are more questions than answers, which is the case with the Verdier family. However, The Laurel Grove Society is dedicated to recording any known information, even if it doesn’t flower into a fully-realized history. Here is what we do know: Robert and Caesar Verdier were both deacons ofContinue reading “The Verdier Family”

Wright Vs. Georgia

Warning: case uses term “negroes,” because it was argued in 1962. This is a slight departure from my normal cemetery fare, but this case deserves remembrance. In 1961 six young adults were arrested for playing basketball peacefully in Daffin Park. Apparently in Savannah playing basketball while Black was indeed a crime. This is the SupremeContinue reading “Wright Vs. Georgia”