Juneteen: Past Meets Present

Instead of talking about a person buried at LGS, I want to to showcase two Black creatives who are bringing the past into the present.

When someone recently made me aware of Megan Mariah of Everthine Antiques & Stationery (who resides in Wisconsin) I was enthralled by her esthetic, but her shop is so much more than that. Mariah says this about her journey toward stationery designing and antique collecting/sales:

I wanted to create a collection that honors my ancestors and inspires people like me, who love antiques , to see themselves represented in them.

To find Everthine Antiques & Stationery, please visit Maraiah’s website HERE and Instagram HERE.

Cedrick Smith is a local Savannah artist who mixes painting with antique cabinet cards to show that the struggles of yesterday are ever-present today. He urges the viewer to use their voice and bring their vigor to the polls:

Don’t forget with all the chaos around the world and everyday living challenges, more than ever you need to exercise you right to vote.

To find Cedrick Smith’s art go HERE and Instagram HERE.

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