Most people have heard of Bonaventure Cemetery, but you have explored the bold history of the Savannah residents buried at Laurel Grove South? Take a walk through time on Holly’s blog to reveal a part of Savannah you may not have noticed before.


Laurel Grove South is as much about the people as it is a place. More than the history of the cemetery itself, you can take a peek into the lives of doctors, veterans, civil right leaders, pastors, educators, community organizers, and many more people from Savannah’s past buried there.


Read this site end to end? Well, then it’s time to experience the cemetery for yourself. Take a walk through the wide paths, examine the unique headstones, and taken in the fragrance from the many flowers. New to Savannah? Holly suggests walking before the heat sets in.

A man is poor, not because he doesn’t have money, but because he doesn’t have enough vision in his head and heart.

w. w. Law

Westley Wallace Law was a Civil Rights leader, a WWII veteran, and a historic preservationist with a degree in biology.

He is interred at LGS, and it is because of him that much of the cemetery still stands.

Blog Posts

The Orr Family

Though obituaries are a record of death, they bring back the color of life to a person who we might not have otherwise had much information on. This is certainly the case for the children of Alfonso and Geneva Orr. Alfonso was born in 1902 in Scotia, South Carolina, and though not much is known…

Juneteen: Past Meets Present

Instead of talking about a person buried at LGS, I want to to showcase two Black creatives who are bringing the past into the present. When someone recently made me aware of Megan Mariah of Everthine Antiques & Stationery (who resides in Wisconsin) I was enthralled by her esthetic, but her shop is so much…

The Verdier Family

Sometimes even after weeks of research there are more questions than answers, which is the case with the Verdier family. However, The Laurel Grove Society is dedicated to recording any known information, even if it doesn’t flower into a fully-realized history. Here is what we do know: Robert and Caesar Verdier were both deacons of…


This site is a love letter to LGS, a local Savannah cemetery filled with beauty and many notable locals that contributed much to the city.

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